Year 2020 was defined by the COVID-19 pandemic all around the world, lots of lock-downs in different countries, restrictions for HoReCa and other areas of the economy. During the collaboration with building companies and from the industrial area, as the final beneficiaries of our products, we felt a growth of more than 40% of the turnover in comparison with the previous year. According to the opinion of experts in this field, the suspensions for the main activities that were input to many companies by the COVID-19 pandemic, motivated owners and CEOs to deploy the long term strategic plans. Therefore, as strange as it may seem, the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic had a positive impact in the construction field and we felt it by the turnover of multipurpose and fire doors.

In period 3 – 6 of April, 2019, Advertino SRL participated in the XXIVth edition of the International Exhibition Moldconstruct 2019 organized by the International Exhibition Center MOLDEXPO. The number of the visitors of Stand "Ușiantifoc" has far exceeded the expectations of the organizers.

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Each year, the number of our partners and beneficiaries for which our company delivers, installs and does maintenance on the delivered products (multipurpose and fire rated metal doors, fire rated gates, or thermo-insulating panels) increases. This is due to our reputation built over the years, the large number of satisfied customers and the reinforcement of the fire safety regulations in Moldova. Another important part is played by the large number of projects with foreign investments which fire safety procedures are included by default at the design phase.

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Imediatly after signing by the Republic of Moldova of the Association Agreement with the European Union, more and more Moldavian companies are implementing EU rules, including on fire safety as well. Whether they are foreign-owned enterprises, whether foreign investments are being capitalized, or that Moldovan entrepreneurs decide to build based on international standards to make their businesses more attractive to foreign investors.

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SC Advertino SRL is a young company, founded in 2008, in the market of metal fire doors, it has been working since 2011.

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