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Everyone already knows that the pandemic has become a catalyst for e-commerce and the widespread use of the bank cards.

Initially, bank cards began to be increasingly used by individuals, especially in the HoReCa and Retail sectors. The next step was the BOOM of online commerce during the pandemic. Now we are going through a stage when cards have already become essential for companies, and the „Business” cards have greatly simplified the work of accountants both in terms of issuing daily allowances and paying bills for goods and services.

Until recently, for the exchange of goods between companies, after choosing the type and quantity of goods, it was necessary to issue a „Proforma Invoice" by the seller, after which the buyer had to make a bank transfer. The buyer could return to collect their goods only after the seller receives the payment.

Thanks to bank cards of the "Business" type, companies can order, pay for and pick up goods at the first visit to the seller company.

Among our clients there are individuals and companies as well. Due to this, we gladly accepted MAIB's invitation to become part of the maib gama family by offering 5% cash back for our products to maib gama clients.

Our customers can also request an electronic Proforma Invoice, which can be paid online using a bank card.


SC Advertino SRL is a young company, founded in 2008, in the market of metal fire doors, it has been working since 2011.

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