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09 December 2021
From November 2021, a wider range of fire and multipurpose doors...


The decorative varnishing mode NDD has been severely tested in numerous experiments showing extremely positive results regarding resistance towards salt spray, humidity, UVA radiation, towards abrasion and solvents.

Exposure test 500 h to salt spray: normal behaviour, no sign of deterioration
Exposure test 500 h to humidity: normal behaviour, no sign of deterioration or luminosity deficit
Exposure test 500 h to UVA radiation: normal behaviour, no difference in surface luminosity before and after the test
Exposure test to abrasion after 1000 cycles: the decor has remained unchanged
Exposure test to solvents: normal behaviour, no deterioration regarding decor, varnish or surface varnish.



SC Advertino SRL is a young company, founded in 2008, in the market of metal fire doors, it has been working since 2011.

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