01.02.2021 new prices

The beggining of 2021 was highlighted by some consecutive increases of the prices of the steel. As a consequence the prices of the products for which steel is a raw material also increased. Because of that, starting from 01.02.2021 the prices for the steel doors have been updated.

In the list below can be found the types and sizes of the NINZ Firedoors s.p.a. Italy, which are in stock at the Advertino SRL warehouse in Chisinau.

Other products, sizes and colors can be bought by order.

REVER multipurpose, reversible, single-leaf doors, Ral7035

   800mm x 2.050mm – 165euro

   900mm x 2.050mm – 175euro

1.000mm x 2.050mm – 190euro

UNIVER REI 60 reversible, single-leaf firedoors,Ral7035

 900mm x 2.050mm – 260euro

1.000mm x 2.050mm – 280euro

1.000mm x 2.150mm – 290euro

UNIVER REI 60 reversible, double-leaf firedoors,Ral7035

1.200mm x 2.150mm – 550euro

(800mm +400mm)

1.450mm x 2.150mm – 595euro

(1.000mm +450mm)

1.800mm x 2.150mm – 655euro

(900mm + 900mm)

The doors can be supplied with accessories:

Ventilating louver PVC – 20euro

Panic bars – 105euro

Stainless steel handles – 45euro

Electromagnets with anchoring – 95euro

Other types of doors or accessories – by order.


Usi multifunctionale si rezistente la foc, Porti industriale rezistente la foc, vitralii antifoc, Bare anti-panica, Control acces, Décor Digital, panouri termoizolante rezistente la foc.

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