November 2021

From November 2021, a wider range of fire and multipurpose doors can be purchased directly from the warehouse in Chisinau.

Single leaf Fire doors, EI 60; RAL 7035:

900mm x 2.050mm  (also RAL 7016)

1.000mm x 2.050mm

1.000mm x 2.150mm

Double leaves Fire doors, EI 60; RAL 7035:

1.200mm x 2.150mm

1.400mm x 2.150mm

1.450mm x 2.150mm

1.600mm x 2.150mm

1.800mm x 2.150mm

Single leaf multipurpose doors, RAL 7035:

800mm x 2.050mm 

900mm x 2.050mm  (also RAL 1015)

1.000mm x 2.050mm

Huge range of doors and gates, depending on type, size, accessories can be supplied by request.


SC Advertino SRL is a young company, founded in 2008, in the market of metal fire doors, it has been working since 2011.

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